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2 - 3 June 2007

European Freedom Summit - Berlin

International Conference

„The human is born in freedom and lives in bondage." in this words Jean-Jaques Rousseau express his disgust about the absolut-monarchy of the 18. century. The state of the 18. century gives to the individuals the illusion to be more reasonable than the Individuums, similar as today. At the European Freedom Summit, which takes place in Berlin at the first weekend in June, the lectures talk about the imminent dangers for Freedom in the 21. century and looking for some ways to smash the force of the state.  


In different ways states legitimize their attack to individual freedom, often by Myth. For the modern state are three myth most important: 1. Security instead of freedom 2. social welfare instead of freedom 3. ecology instead of freedom. This three types of Myth were discussed at the European Freedom Summit.  


How liberty is confine in the false-pretence of security discussed Dr. Marie Therese Tinnfeld, Professor at the TU Munich. The Topic of her presentation was „The Security Principle - a Challenge to the Right of Privacy and of Freedom of Information" (Presentation available). In her remarks, their were two core advisements: The relation of security and liberty in modern political thought, especially Thomas Hobbes and how this relation displaced after 9/11.The leading thought for the social contract is, that the Individuum decides to give some of his liberties, in return his safeness is assured. But only a few liberty-rights would be affected by this problem. From Dr. Tinnefeld point of view is here the main difference to the new developments. The classic convention „In doubt for freedom" is going to be replaced by the convention „In doubt for security". At the war against terrorism the state doesn´t stop at the right of privacy and free information. Camera surveillance and spying of computers are in opinion of Dr. Tinnefeld the first steps to a state of surveillance, like it´s illustrated in Steven Spielbergs movie „Minority-Report".  


Many people belive, the welfare-state is an project project of the 20. century without any perspective in the 21. century. But todays reality teaches us otherwise. Socialized health care, retirement provisions or education are examples for state regulated systems.Saturday evening gave Jim Peron an introduction at this topic. In his presentation „Does Liberalism have a heart?" (Presentation and Video available), he explained the arguments, by which enemies of liberty combat the individual right to choice. This arguments are cynical, cause in the pretence to help the people, they rape them the possibilty to help them self.  



Often the Individuum is restrained in his freedom of choice in an indirect way. By taxation the goverment impairs the individual freedom of action. Sascha Tamm shows in his presentation „Sin Taxes - Goverments inmoral Acts in the name of morality" (Presentation and Video available) the history and strategies of states to influence the decisions of th Individuums. He plead for „neutral taxation", which not are aimed to bring the state-morality to the Individuums.  


Kristian Niemitz set an example for private retirement provision (Presentation and Video available). He talks about Chiles system of retirement provisen an innovation, which takes place in the 1980´s. Already the state regulated retirement provision persist, but the citizens has the choice between state retirement provision and special privat Fonds, so called AFB´s. A few years after this innovation, the proceeds of the private Fonds lies 25% higer, than the state regulated retirement provision. To ban the danger for the citizens when a private Fonds gets bankrott, there are reassurance. Nothing else matters, in Germany spurious arguments backs every discussion about private retirement provision.  

A successful Strategie to avoid any discussion about privatization of social welfare, is to gave daunting examples. In Germany the advocates of social welfare often warning of so called „American conditons" (Amerikanische Verhältnisse). But no one asks what´s the reality about America. However Shane Frith of the London Think Tank Stockholm Network compare the socialized European health care systems with the more privat Amerivan health care. The title of his presentation „Better health through freedom" (Presentation and Video available) is also an abstract of his speech for private health care. In his point of view are three reforms most important: 1. Transparency of price 2. No bureaucratic controls of medical practitioners and patients 3. Freedom in the choice of treatment.
An introduction to the international context of the welfare-state debate gave Jonny Munkhammer, Managing Director of the swedish Think Tank Timo. He spoke about „The EU´s cancer - the welfare state and the decline of Europe" (Video of this presentation available). In the past 40 years the economic development was coined by two facts: on the one hand side most of the national-economics grow and became more welfare, on the other hand side european-economics have compound annual growth rate and problems with unemployment. Constraints of Freedon, high tax rate and Interventions by the state blocks the growth of european-economics and the welfare too. Last mentioned Jonny Munkhammer some positive examples of political reforms in Europe: Ireland, Denmark and Sweden takes reforms in place, for more freedom and competition. Afterwards those countries are today models for successful political reformes. Their economics prospers and the rate of unemployment is lower then the average in Europe.

Security and welfare-state are classic state-myth, in the last twenty years the myth of ecology came along. Like every myth, the myth of ecology founded on the fear of the people. Their is an clime of apocalypse, wherein a neutral discussion about the climat change is nearly impossible. The findings about climate change, would be presented as absolute truth. But some times is this „absolut truth" only a prevarication. That is the knowledge of Ernst-Georg Beck, he presentated in his lecture „The falsified history of Europe CO2 in the global warming controversy" (Video of this presentation available). The IPCC-Report work s with the methods of Charles Keeling, who find in the 1950 an assumed connection between the Temperatur and the CO2-emisson concentration in the air. The very precise carbon measurements, prominent researchers such as Albert Krogh (Nobel Prize 1920) and Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize 1932) used, was ignored by the IPCC. With the carbon measurements you diagnose no connection between the Temperatur and the C02-emission.  

The consequences of half the truth for everyday life pointed the journalist and author Edgar Gärtner at the Reach-order of the European Union (Presentation available). The application of the precautionary principle entails that consum products and packages accredited, whether they are harmful or not. A survey, on behalf of CEFIC and BDI, shows that the Reach-order necessitate 100 Million certifications, each about 20-200 pages. Edgar Gärtner summarize: "If man had always followed this he would never have tamed fire or inventes the wheel"

The European Freedom Summit finished on Saturday at least with two Presentation about the European Union. A Presentation, given by Dr. Christian Kirchner, Professor at the Humboldt-University berlin, has the title  

„A multi-optional Constitution for European-Union" (Video of this presentation available) . For him there are many reasons to propose opt.-in and opt.-out rights in a Constituion for Europe. Today their are 27 Countries member of the European Union, with quit different interests. The European Union became not only political, also cultural and economic very heterogeneous. So decision-making is more and mor difficult. But their is another argument for a multi-optional Constitution. In a federal System is a competition of different political projects, and space for innovative political project. A nother main point, in the opinion of Dr. Kirchner, is that citizens have more options to participate. Especially for Germany is truth: Integration at the level of the EU is today a „Top-down" process, which has to be change in a „bottom-up" Process.  

In the afternoon Toine Manders spoke about „How Eu law can cut individual Taxes" (Video of this presentation available). The Haags Juristen College found twenty years ago a chance to circumvant national taxation in a legal way, depends on the nationa tax-law. That´s an example, that the Individuum can win the fight for liberty against the bondage of the state.


Friday, 1. June 2007  


19:30 p.m. Welcome, Snacks & Film  


Saturday, 2. June 2007  


9.00 Uhr a.m. Sin Taxes - Goverments inmoral Acts in the name of morality  

Sascha Tamm, Liberal Institute of the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für Freiheit  

(Presentation and Video available)  


11:00 a.m. The falsified history of Europe CO2 in the global warming controversy  

Ernst Beck, Europäisches Institut für Klima and Energie, Autor von "180 Jahre CO2 Messungen"  

(Video of this presentation available)  


14.00 p.m. The Security Principle - a Challenge to the Right of Privacy and of Freedom of Information  

Prof. Marie Theres Tinnefeld, TU München  

(Presentation available)  


16:00 p.m. Eco-Nihilism  

Edgar Gärtner, Author of Eco-Nihilism: A Critique of Political Ecology, Center for the New Europe  

(Presentation available)  


17:30 p.m. Does Liberalism have a heart?  

Jim Peron - IUF  

(Presentation and Video available)  


19:30 p.m. Dinner  


Sunday, 3. June 2007  


9:00 a.m. From Bismarck to Friedman - Privatizing Pensions  

Kristian Niemietz, IUF, Absolvent in Economics der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin  

(Presentation and Video available)  


10:00 a.m. Better health through freedom  

Shane Frith, Managing Director of the Think Tank Stockholm Network  

(Presentation and Video available)  



11:30 a.m. A multi-optional Constitution for European-Union  

Prof. Christian Kirchner, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin  

(Video of this presentation available)  


12:30 a.m. The EU´s cancer - the welfare state and the decline of Europe  

Johnny Munkhammer, Managing Director of the swedish Think Tank Timbro, Author of "European Dawn - After the Social Model"  

(Video of this presentation available)  


15:00 p.m. How EU Law Can Cut Individual Taxes  

Toine Manders  

(Video of this presentation available)  


Hackesche Höfe  

Entrance 5  

Rosenthalerstraße 40/41,  

10178 Berlin  


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