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Is there a culture clash in Europe with Islam already taking place or is this still avoidable?

Panel discussion with N. Ülkekul and I. Johnson

Since 2003, The Hackesche Internal Circle is a group discussion of the CDU District Association of Berlin. This is an event open to all interested parties where Nezih Ülkekul and Ian Johnson discussed "Whether there is a culture clash in Europe with Islam that is already taking place or is this culture clash still avoidable?  


Due to the brisk nature of events and the popularity of issues, various sides expressed desire to ensure the discussions had even wider access to the people. Thus, the concept of the Hackeschen circle was developed. After the well-attended and lively discussion in August 2007 on the same theme, we can now make available for public panel discussion at Hackescher two high-profile speakers for discussion of the topics.  


Nezih Ülkekul, was in the shadow cabinet of Friedbert Pflüger, Commissioner for Immigration. He was born in Ankara, finished high school in Bonn, and studied law and political science. 1986 in Berlin, he founded the law firm Frings & Ülkekul. He is a board member of the German-Lithuanian Society, a member of the German-Turkish Lawyers Association and a member of the Turkish-German Industry and Commerce Association.  


Ian Johnson is a journalist. Johnson, in early February 2006, appeared before the Human Rights Committee of the U.S. Congress on the importance and the actions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. As the head of the Berlin office of the U.S. newspaper Wall Street Journal, he has a long history with radical Islam. According to his research the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany is especially active. Its main motto is, "Islam is the solution - the Koran is our constitution." The ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood has entered into the organized Islam and they view Europe as "the current front of Islam." They consider this Islams first foothold in West Germany. "Including what are they, in a hurry? - they want their company as soon as possible , Islamise '. "  

The event was organized by the CDU district of Berlin Mitte  



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