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Clean Subsidies? Promotion of Renewable Energies

With Prof. Beat Blankart and Steffen Hentrich

There is increased support for the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources in climate and energy policy of the Federal Government. This has a high priority both in public and in many economic sectors of support. But are arguments for the need for billion dollar programs for economic and environmental analysis on renewable fuels and energy policies justified?

Are subsidies necessary for the market during the preparation for the use of renewable energy sources as a long-term substitution of fossil fuel energy sources? What is the appropriate response for providers and consumers of energy services considering the changing shortages in energy markets without government intervention or aid? What security issues arise considering the increased use of domestic renewable sources of energy supply?  

How valid are industrial arguments for grants, which facilitate technology exports and creation of jobs? Does the threat of climate change, the subsidization of energy, and the generation of less greenhouse gas emissions affect government involvement?  


Professor Ch Blankart, financial researcher at the Humboldt University in Berlin, and Steffen Hentrich, an economist and researcher at Experts on the Environment, discussed these issues with the guests at this event.  


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