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17.04.2008 - Berlin

Climate Change - Is Man Really to Blame? - What Should Be Done Now?

Panel Discussion

Climate and the discussion of climate policy is still a hot topic. This is demostrated to us daily by the new laws and regulations being placed in our legal code and how the media is bombarding us with "weather" related stories everyday and associating them with climate change.  


The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EICE) and the FDP (a political party in the Berlin House) discussed climate change under the topic, "Climate Change - Is Man Really to Blame? - What Should Be Done Now?"  


The Panel included:  


Prof. Horst Malberg - Former Director of the Meteorlogical Institute, Free University - Berlin  


Dr. Dietmar Ufer - An Energy Economist "Climate Protection and Energy - Reality or Fears"  


Dr. Hans Labohm - Economist & IPCC Reviewer "Climate Change - Political, Economic, & Social Aspects (Kyoto 1 & 2)  


Thomas Heinzow - Environmental Economist at the University of Hamburg "Renewable Energy and Efficiency"  




Yes, I want current messages of the Institute for Free Enterprise:


William Graham Sumner (1883)

"Responsibility rises up by the side of liberty, correllative, commensurate, and inevitable."

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