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May 8, 2008 7:00 p.m. Berlin

Pension Reform - Exisiting Alternatives

Lecture with José Piñera

As the population of a country ages, the concerns of how they will live their lives after retirement and what will sustain them through this time are at the forefront of a citizen's mind. José Piñera's presentation entitled, "Towards a World of Worker Capitalists through Pension Reform: An Insight into the Implementation of the Reform and the Practice of 'New' System," gave us an insight into the world of pension reform and personal savings accounts as retirement funds for Chilean citizens and people worldwide. The lecture was part of the IUF-event "Competition Matters - Success Factors of an Economy." José Piñera worked towards the creation of personal savings accounts for the Chilean citizens to allow them to set aside money like social security monies but place them in professionally managed investment portfolio's from a wide range of investment securities. He also worked towards pension reform to better allocate the funds of the government and the people allowing for greater economic freedom and a more efficient market economy.

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