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IUF Health Care Wednesday & Book Launch

Counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs, as well as the US and UK health systems, will be the topics of the IUF Health Wednesday on 25 October 2006. Experts from the US and UK will discuss the myths and realities of both health care systems. Practical examples will be used to show the real conditions of American health care and we will examine how these correspond to actual market principles.  


Similarly the facts about the British National Health Service (NHS) will be presented and its nature will be examined.  


Up to now the debate on pharmaceuticals has centred on their costs. The book Coincidence or Crisis explains why counterfeit pharmaceuticals also deserve our attention. Even in today's Germany counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs are sold, often with serious consequences for the patients. The editor of this book will examine the scope of this problem and explain which government regulations, and other conditions, make possible the production, distribution and sale of counterfeit drugs.  


This is a joint event of the Institute for Free Enterprise and the Stockholm Network.It is open to members of the health care system and all individuals interested in health care politics. It will be held in German and English with simultaneous translation.  


To register via Email info@iuf-berlin.org or Fax 030 818747823 until 23 October 2006. Seating is limited and allocated on a first come first serve basis. Registration is free.  




Institute for Free Enterprise  

Hackesche Höfe,  

Hof 2, Aufgang 5  

Rosenthalerstraße 40/41  

10178 Berlin  






The Myths and Realities of the US and UK Health Care Systems  

The US Health Care System - as bad as it seems?  

Dr. Mark Schiller  

M.D.: Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco  



Is the NHS Style Health Care System an Option for Germany?  

Shane Frith  

Executive Director of Doctors Alliance, London  



Refreshment break with snacks and drinks  



Book Launch: Coincidence or Crisis, edited by Peter Pitts  

The Business of counterfeit pharmaceuticals  

Peter Pitts  

Director of Centre for Medicines in the Public Interest (CMPI) and is a senior fellow in health care studies at the Pacific Research Institute (PRI). Former Associate Commissioner for External Relations at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  



Review and Commentary  

Sascha Tamm  

Director of Politics, IUF  



The programme is available as a pdf file. IUF_Health_Care_Wednesday  



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